A Creative Team with Unique Process, Web Development Company in Kolkata Offering Web Development, Website Design & Digital Marketing Service for your Online Presence.


In the Digital Era Stand out online with a professional website, a website is an essential element for businesses to grab the audience attention. Cariva Technologies is there to offer you a high-quality Website Design, Web Development & Digital Marketing services in Kolkata to make online business at the next level. We Develop Website that shoots the business to grow in the right way to make it Successful.


A Professional Web Design Company in Kolkata can be used to establish various marketing strategies in order to help your business to grow. If you are in a business like Food & Drinks, Education and Real-state or any other thing, you need a relevant Website, easy to navigate & clear pages to make people understand about your product & the services to grab their attention.


Your Business deserves a Website that fit for the requirement. Cariva Technologies offers affordable & Responsive Website Design Services.

First of all Website design! is the most important part of your Digital marketing setup. Just imagine; you are desperately trying to get into a website but it taking too much time to open. You are repeated trying still, the required page on the website does not appear. How it will affect you? All visitors or online users will feel the same irritations. Can you ever be hopeful that your users should be tolerant enough?
Effect: Why should they when your website design itself is faulty?, it definitely creates trouble in Search Engine Optimization Service too.
Solution: All the websites that google accept and promote should be lightweight and responsive also search engine friendly. So for that, you need a professional agency to arrange all these things in the right way Cariva Technologies, Website design company in Kolkata is available to help you 24/7.

Cariva Technologies prioritizes mobile-first approach. Mobile is the best way to reach the customers, and customers spend more times with a mobile device, Responsive Website Design play a vital role to create a Responsive Website for all Devices. A Responsive Web Design Company in Kolkata offers a Mobile-first & SEO Friendly Websites that will make the user experience better.




Quality Online Marketing Services that help to initiate the best result


It is our pleasure to assure you of our result-oriented digital marketing services which have never gone astray till date. We in Cariva Technologies have two basic teams of experts and professionals. The first team is constituted with the rarest of rare professionals of technology master minds who regularly update their technocratic efficiencies with latest, new and advanced technological features.


The second team is comprised of the best performers of digital marketing strategies, social media optimization services & the Search Engine Optimization Services. The two teams work together hand in hand for each project and give periodical and ongoing digital marketing services to the clients. Step into Cariva Technologies, for the best Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata.



Graphics plays key role for the pleasant user experience of your eCommerce site and eventually contributes to your digital marketing directly


Graphics design is essential in optimizing traffic and enhancing conversion. Cariva Technologies has a highly experienced and efficient team of professional graphic designers to incorporate the following all necessary types of graphics designing to provide the best of user experience for your site. Look for Cariva Technologies, the best Graphic Design Company in Kolkata to provide you the appropriate and best of graphic designing from the below list.


Digital Marketing Services and Advertising Graphics: Our team of designers is experts in designing posters and banners, designing images for blogs and websites, social media ads and email marketing templates, postcards and brochures, and periodical and newspapers. We deal with info-graphics, textile, stock images, graphic novels, websites and picture books, album art, book cover, T-shirt design etc as part of art and illustration graphics. 


We Are Cariva.
Solve All Your Problems with Us

Cariva is your one step solution for all the digital and web services problems. If you are considering to bring about changes in your website, to we can help you with that. Over the past years, we have catered to the different requirements of our clients accordingly.

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cariva technologies team

We Are A Team

Of Digital Marketing Experts

We are a team of Digital Marketing experts, using strategies which boost your Business and online presence at a high level and a right place and definitely, it will be able to convert your audience into a leads generation machine.

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cariva team

We Are A Team

Of Creative Web Design & Development Experts

We are a team of Creative Design and Development Agency in Kolkata, Asansol, and Durgapur to provide cost-effective website design service for every small and medium industry along with professionals.

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who we are

We Are A Team

Of  Social Media Marketing Experts

On Social media, people are spending more and more time. It is the right place to promote your business exactly the right audience. We Cariva Technologies have a team of Social Media Marketing expert to gain business from Social Media Platforms.

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Web Development

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Search Engine Optimization

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Social Media Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services

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Graphics Design

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Whatever your vision is, you can LET US KNOW and we will cater to your needs accordingly. Ranging from software development, we offer SEO, SMO services accordingly. Responsive web design can bring significant changes to your business and with us, you will be sure to get such changes and advancements.You can TOTALLY RELY on us to give a HUGE JUMPSTART to your business.


On what Type of businesses you are working for?

We have experience with Digital Marketing, Design, and Development and with businesses of all sizes, from small companies and start-ups to national and
multinational brands. We have experience of working with companies in every field of sectors, We have worked for local Business like Photographer, Plumber,
and Constructions, etc

How much do you charge for the services?

We Decide Budget after a discussion with the customer. It is difficult to provide exact figures. We are working for different clients with a different budget
depending upon them. Rather than having a minimum amount, we adjust our strategies, volume of work and timescales based on the available budget.

Can you guarantee results?

In terms of result, it’s difficult to guarantee results in digital marketing as there are too many variables, especially with SEO, as Google’s algorithm is a
secret. What we can do is we can work with our highly skilled team to get a positive result and we can put you in contact with some of our clients if you want
to see the kind of results we can produce.

How will you report and how do we know what you'll be working on?

At Cariva Technologies, we update our reports on a routine basis. We send monthly reports for what we worked, as well as work completed and upcoming work. In
addition, we will also teach you how to use Analytics and set up appropriate dashboards so you can keep track of performance yourselves.

I have responsive design in my site, but why I’m still getting poor traffic?

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What is the easiest and user friendly payment modality in my e-Commerce?

Contact and share your exact (payment related) problem to CARIVA Technologies. We will find you the solution.

Can I call you anytime (even in the night) I wish?

Please call us a time you wish. Cariva Technologies is here to assist you to solve your problems and grow your digital marketing. We are alert 24/7 for your calls.

Why do we use it?

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