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9 Ways To Learn How To Grow Business Online During Covid-19!

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9 Ways To Learn How To Grow Business Online During Covid-19!

How To Grow Business Online During Covid-19

While we are all in our homes amid a lockdown due to Covid-19, glued to our computer or mobile screens this would be a really good time to share some marketing tips for small businesses to help you protect not just your employees or not just your customers but your business itself.

As well as talking about the things that Ecwid or Shopify is doing specifically to support small businesses right now who are being affected by Covid-19.


The impact of the coronavirus has put pressure on many small-scale businesses to seek out new and innovative ways to succeed in their target market. But on the brilliant side online traffic has soared since the Covid-19 outbreak began, and there are a lot of various and effective methods that you just could implement into your Digital Marketing campaigns to succeed in reaching your audience during the pandemic lockdowns.


Here are some of the best methods for reaching your target audience online during the coronavirus crisis.


With the Covid-19 situation unfolding right before us a lot of retailers are forced to continue their operations online. How can you successfully navigate the transition from offline to online?


Tip 1: Email Or Text Existing Customers

The first thing that you want to make sure that you are doing is reaching out to your existing customers and letting them know that your store is closed. Email and text message is one of the best ways to do this. Let them know that while you are closed physically they can still shop online and this will encourage people to support your business.


Tip 2: Reach Through Google

How do you reach your customers on Google amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

When marketing on Google an important point to keep in mind is that the world’s largest search engine is continuously updating its algorithms and features.


  • According to Google, Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including search and maps.
  • If you verify as well as edit your business information, you’ll help customers find your business and also let them know your story.
  • Post on Google My Business: Same as Social Media, Google My Business allows you to release posts to your listings. However, dissimilar to social media platforms where users flick through posts on their news feeds, users on Google are looking for specific posts. Google My business posts allows a business to reveal its existing and potential customers to any or all of its latest updates, promotions, and special offers amidst all the uncertainty and the confusion that the coronavirus pandemic has created.

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Tip 3: Use A Banner To Tell Shoppers You Are Closed

The next thing you would want to make sure that you are doing is you want to update your website to let people know that your physical location is closed and direct them to a “Shop Now” page. This will help when people are looking you up, checking to see if you are still open ad they will see that they have the option to continue to shop online.


Update Google My Business Surely

The other thing you may want to do is add a Google My Business post and let people know that while your physical location is closed, people can still shop online.


Tip 4: Create A Website And A Landing Page

With increased social distancing, it’s becoming much less likely that buyers are going to transact with you at your shop. Only businesses that offer the life essentials are allowed to even be open at all.


While a lot of businesses especially restaurants aren’t allowed to have customers inside. So whether you are in one of the situations where you have been forced to close or you have made the decision on our own. Wherever possible you want to take your business online and even if you’re only planning to offer online sales for a limited period and you are going to go back to your shop later, it’s ok. But right now make sure your business is available at a website.


Now you might be saying that I should take my business online, I should be available online but where should I start?

At a minimum, you should set-up an e-commerce store that will allow you to transact from your own website. Of course, in that case, you need to get help from a Digital marketing company which will provide Digital Marketing Services, a solution at one place that will let you create a website, website design, give Search Engine Optimization services for your presence in Google, upload products and transact and you can set that all up in just a few minutes.

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Tip 5: Utilize Your Social Media To Sale

Now if you don’t have a great website or the best website design and you know that it’s not going to help in conversion as well but you have an awesome social media following, you may want to consider telling people that they can still shop from your Facebook or Instagram page. There are a lot of really great examples of people who continue to sell on Instagram despite a great integration between Shopify and Instagram. So if your website isn’t really at a position where you can sell online, your social media can also be used to continue to generate revenue while your store is closed.


How To Reach Your Customers On Facebook Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Social Media platforms are very important nowadays in order to create and maintain trust between a business and its clients, and with users spending a huge amount of time scrolling through social media. A great and effective way to reach your target audience amidst the Covid-19 outbreak can be Facebook. Facebook Live and a Facebook community or a Group can help reach as many customers as you want.


Appealing Content

One of the ways to reach the target audience is the right content. Once you know who your audience is you will know what types of content you are interested in. You should have a very specific idea of what content would appeal to your most profitable target audience and is original to build trust amongst them.



Once you are done with your content, you should go for hashtags. This helps people who are searching find what they are looking for on Social Media. For certain social networks like Instagram, hashtags work really well.



In order to mention people and brands you can also use Social media tagging in your posts and they will get notified that they have been mentioned and will take a glance and share that as well.



Lastly, you can always do social media marketing. Now all of these are a free organic way of reaching your audience. A guaranteed way to reach your audience is Online Advertising.


Tip 6: Retarget Customers With Advertising

You want to make sure that you are re-targeting customers online and also creating a lookalike audience from your existing customers of the email list. This is going to be a really great way to focus on people in your area who are very much like your current consumers. You can look at this as an opportunity to enhance your current advertising and reach new customers. In adversity sometimes we will find new opportunities and creating a lookalike audience can offer you a chance to search out more customers that also are even as amazing as your existing ones.


Tip 7: Re-create The In-store Experience Online

Now people are not going to be able to get the in-store experience that you provide at your location but you can try and re-create the in-store experience online. So things that you can do to re-create the in-store experience.


  • Re-post customer photos of some of your popular products.
  • Show your products in-use by posting short videos. Just use your cell phone and make an IGTV story and this can help show people what your product is like in real life.


Tip 8: Reach Out To Your Community For Support

Another thing that you would want to do is that you want to make sure that you reach out to your local community, to reach out to local influencers. There are a lot of people who are ready and willing to help small businesses to continue to make sales even if it means that people are diverting their shopping habits online. This is because the last thing we all want to see is an economic collapse and we know that small and medium-size businesses are really the revenue generators of this economy and everybody is willing to help at this time.


Tip 9: Be A Good Communicator And Customer Supporter

Everyone is going through this together. To communicate properly with your customers being honest and transparent about what your business is going through. If you do not they will not know what you are going through to continue to be able to serve them. Communicate with them via social media platforms like LinkedIn, Skype, and Facebook messaging or customer support section on your website or with chatbots.



These are really great and effective methods for growing your business and reaching your audience online throughout the coronavirus pandemic. However, these strategies can also be used after the coronavirus confusion has passed.


It’s no secret that some businesses have gone into hibernation mode, so they froze a lot of their advertising spend but there are a lot of companies which have been increasing the advertising spend as a result of their target audience now working from home to site traffic, internet usage being tremendously increased and as a result that’s a fine balance in the advertising budget that’s been going online now. Go for these quick and easy tips and you never know, your digital marketing campaigns could expand more than you expect.


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Cariva Technologies has been launched with a clear vision to become multi-dimensional IT service providers with a focus on high end strategic solutions.

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