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7 Latest Social Media Trends You Should Follow in 2022

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7 Latest Social Media Trends You Should Follow in 2022

The mega trend is social Video to be more specific. Below are the Social Media Trends of 2022 that will definitely grow your Business:

Trend 1: Short Videos (Content Under 15 Sec)

Nowadays, people uses the new Instagram feature called Reels and YouTube also Launched their Short Video platform called YouTube Shorts. Instagram stories which probably isn’t a surprise to a lot of people you’ve got, a billion people on Instagram a half a billion watching stories every single day. Stories are just 15 seconds long. The best social media in this case after Instagram can be said to be LinkedIn for its short videos for new growth and opportunity.


Are You On Instagram? How Much Do You Watch Stories At All?

People Vlog on Instagram stories nowadays instead of YouTube. A lot of YouTube creators might struggle with the idea of creating an unedited raw 15 seconds video that doesn’t look super professional is done with your phone, is vertical and is shaky but that is what the world is trending towards which is kind of fascinating.


In-fact YouTube has got stories now. You go in Instagram you find some IGTV content which contains a really short-form video or short term photography but the idea that we are in an age where people don’t have much time, on YouTube you have to give too much time to consume a content but when you are on social media you just scroll it down. It really started with Snapchat, then Instagram stole it and now Facebook has it and all other social platforms are following this social media trend of the story concept.


Trend 2: Being Live On Social Media Platforms

The 2nd big trend in each of the top social media is being Live. We see a lot of places like Facebook live and YouTube live. But what’s unique about Instagram live and we should be paying attention in 2022. Instagram live is delivered through insta-story format, so when you go live your face shows at the top of the Instagram feed and it’s like a stacked vertical video where you can bring in callers, guests, repurpose it in the IGTV. Their live videos are just for 24 hours. People trending on Instagram mostly do Q&A with their audience, it’s more like going to Starbucks with a bunch of friends.


Trend 3: Youtube Shorts / Reels

Statistics show people sat for four hours straight and watched Reels videos and those are like 15-60 seconds. Reels works very differently than other social accounts – when you create an account and log-in, they recommend you content based on your behavior, then you have the people you follow and the suggested contents like YouTube. But the difference is stuff on Reels are tending to be very much fun, gags, techniques being used are unique which attracts mostly the global audience of age group under 34 as per the social media news articles.


Trend 4: Location-specific Content

Creating location-specific content to promote local events or brands which will allow you to engage and raise awareness in a local audience. Such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube uses geo-specific tools to display their content. You might have seen YouTube shows advertisements according to your location. Facebook shows products in the Market only according to its availability in your location.

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Trend 5: Based On Your Activity

Based on data and analytics to target your audience if they enjoy watching tutorials or memes or simply collection of jewellery. It has been a social media trend of 2021-22 being introduced for Instagram and Facebook. As you can see, below the search button on Instagram there are a number of trending videos and images but most of them are of your interests. In 2022, it was upgraded and is trending because it has been put under categories, namely – IGTV, Shop, Décor, Travel, Food, Nature, Music, DIY and so on.


Trend 6: Product Discovery / Unboxing

Around 57.6% of the searches nowadays in social media trends are either images or speeches. Take time to add a product tag to your post especially on Instagram. For an easy discovery, more of these products are allowing businesses to create less friction to the customers as they are driving to the e-commerce websites and product pages. If you are simply going through the Facebook news feed and a beautiful presentable image of a dress you were not even planning to buy pop up, you will be compelled by images to visit the e-commerce site for its details or at least add it into your cart.


Trend 7: New Trending Videos

Social Media Marketing statistics say, 70% of internet users watch videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It represents over half of the internet watching videos are on social media is most trending in 2022, for the ones who create sure pieces of content for your brand and take advantage of something which is right now free. Filter copy posting its new video is rather being more watched in Instagram than in YouTube.


To lead in the Social Media trends for a business you need to follow some of the marketing strategies so that you can dominate in 2022:

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Creating content that is incredibly customer-focused, statistics say people and businesses create contents that are business focused and essentially, really selfish content that serves pretty much nobody other than the business or the person creating it rather than really trying to get into the shoes of the person they are trying to serve and create content that might benefit them. Put content based on their geographic details like; what cities, state or country or maybe as per their demographic details like age, gender, income, occupation, title, and their psychographic details like their attitudes, interests, beliefs.


Edutainment – Creating content that does the combination of both which is to educate them as well as entertain them.


Posting of content which are to really deep dive into your metrics and analytics and find what works best for your business. Fortunately, the platform’s whether we are talking about Facebook or Instagram or YouTube they’ve made their analytics dashboards way more user-friendly than they’ve ever been before making it a lot easier to the high level of overview of exactly what type of content is doing best with your ideal target market as per your social media marketing 2022.


Quality comes from quantity – To strategize and analyze how the social media algorithms and the free market works by understanding how the content is really going to resonate and give good results as per the social media trends of 2022.


Keeping in mind a new social media sites evolve each day like Steemit, Vero, Lasso; social media changes constantly, having new updates, new channels, new features, and new algorithms. For this, spend around 70-80% of your time on the fundamentals and proven strategies of marketing and then around 20-30% of your time on the tactics of social media which keeps changing.


Choose the best channel for marketing – Essentially the marketing channel and platforms where none of your customers are active or present on and yet are hyped up as the newest and latest marketing strategy or channel or network is of no use. Taking into consideration both the social media marketing trends of 2021 and the social media trends of 2022, be present in the channels where your customers are very much active and present on. Your market has to be on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn which covers most of the bases. Thereby, looking at other options like Snapchat and Reels.


Investing in education, in assets and resources, essentially taking social media marketing seriously and investing in it accordingly.



There are so many opportunities online right now, when it comes to building your business and your brand with social media that can be kind of overwhelming. Like, what platform do you pick, where do you invest your energy? Social Media nowadays are a necessity of our daily lives instead of being a luxury. Social Media trends and hacks and tactics come and go but using it effectively according to the latest trend in a challenge. Amongst the 7 most important social media trends of 2022, some will dominate more but using it as and when required in the right way for benefit of your business is the reason that will make you outstanding and ahead of your competitors.


However, researchers say the future of social media will heavily be focused on AR technologies, Security and privacy, will be the primary source of news information, chat bots will become more advanced which evidently show how social media will have a heavy impact on each and every aspect or trends of our life.


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