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how to Create an SEO Friendly Website


The contemporary trade and business run on the wheels of internet or online marketing. You have online stores, internet marketing tools, social media marketing strategies and many more options to enhance and expand your business empire.

But above all, the first five seconds a user spends on your website is a fundamental and crucial moment to decide the fate of your online business. This is where the role of Responsive Website design and development appears for your assistance.

Your business grows if your website attracts the attention of your customers or users, and keeps the users for a few more minutes. And if it does not, then you fall along with your business. You either find out the solutions and address the challenges or quit your business.

In this juncture, we offer you affordable responsive web design to ensure your users access your site throughout their various devices. Our responsive design allows a specific user to access your site through the phone in the morning, through his/her computer laptop in the noon, and through a tablet in the evening.

If you are an e-commerce startup or an established online store, looking for expanding your customers’ base, we have all in one solution for the enhancement of your online entrepreneur. Our team of web designers is in-fact researchers who ensure user-friendly style sheet, width 100, appropriate screen size, flexible grids and many more unique features including SEO and B2B/B2C in our Responsive web design company and help you score maximum trade achievement.

Importantly, if your target users are from locations like the eastern region of Bengal regions Responsive design company in Kolkata.

like Durgapur, Asansol and other adjacent cities of Kolkata, you are not only expected but definitely get the

Eventually, our responsive website design agency helps your mobile/smartphone users and computer, laptop or tablet users access your website and marketing services without any restraints.

In an era of digital and social media marketing, web hosting does not make a difference for the customers. Each and every website looks them alike. But responsive web design does make sense. Watch out below how our responsive web design makes a difference.

What is special in our responsive web design?

In responsive website design and development, the website responds to the user as per the screen size and orientation of the user and displays optimally in his/her device. This becomes possible through adaptive images, grid layout, and CSS media. Eventually, your website is flexibly displayed by the analytical support of media queries.

Your target users are known for changing their devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. frequently. Many of them simultaneously use multiple devices at a time. Some of their devices may not access your site due to poor and outdated graphics. Maybe the device they use have viewpoint Meta tag and initial scale deficiencies.

Ultimately the user will end up frustrated and eventually forget your site saying that the network is not supporting this site. Here comes the role of the unbeatable and the best responsive web design. The responsive design does not rely on pixels or any fixed units. It creates flexibility in your website to get displayed across any devices and simultaneously in any number of devices.

Why should you opt for responsive web design?

o It saves your money & time: Our web design creates one set of content in your site to flexibly display in any device and as many as devices at a time. Thus this design saves your money and time on creating multiple sets of contents for different devices.

o You need not host additional site: You must have noticed many entrepreneurs hosting multiple websites and numbers of online stores. This happens due to the absence of responsive website design and development on their website.

In the process, when the entrepreneurs through customers’ reviews find out that their users do not access the site across devices or wait longer to get the response, it would be too late to rectify.

Eventually, the users’ base drastically gets low resulting in trade minimization. Our responsive web design company saves you from this disaster. Since our responsive design ensures all devices access your site, you will not require hosting an additional website.

o Your SEO and traffic get more optimized: As our responsive website design and development is more receptive across any web-enabled devices it eventually gets more searches and more traffic. Ultimately your online trade enhances with an increased number of online customers.

o Your social media interactions get boosted: Social media is a vast platform and each person in social media use his/her own preferred devices. Indeed, you need not worry if you have your best responsive web design ready at hand.

You can build your social media presence because you are sure that anybody and everybody will access your e-commerce site despite the fact that they use different sets of devices.

Our popular services:

o Simple, clear and clean coded web design: The traditional websites are rather complicated and difficult to operate. Through Word-press we have made the web operation easy, friendly but unique. Our web design solution it creative and classic so that your website stands visible in the crowd.

o Customized logo: We ensure maximum traffic to your website with our customized logo which in itself represents the brand. The contemporary consumers’ psyche is crazy about the brand. People normally give the least priority on price. They often start with the brand and its quality. The logo that we provide starts creating a brand for your company.

o Product upload and content management: Content management is one of the important aspects to assess the skills and competency of any web design and development company. Every successful and growing business entrepreneur relies on constant monitoring and regular update of various data and statistics relating to their business.

In order to analyze and evaluate your growth, you require authentic updated data. Our responsive web design company is aware of this crucial need of your business. With our content management features, you or any of your human resources can easily upload product and manage the content. You can rely on the data analysis of our content management features to develop your marketing strategies.

o Mobile friendly operation: As per authentic sources, more than 60% of marketing browsing is been done by phone. That means if your website is not designed to incorporate mobile phone users, then you are definitely going to lose 60% of your potential customers.

This alone is enough to ruin your entire e-commerce. Since we deal with responsive website design and development we confirm these 60% mobile users turn to be your regular and potential customers on a long term basis.

o Ensuring quick loading of pages: You must have experienced how boring and troublesome it is when your requested or clicked page takes a lot of time to open. The blue circle goes on rolling and rolling till you get totally upset and leave the page. This also affects your SEO and eventually search engine ranks you low.

Our responsive design is the perfect answer to address the problems of slow or no loading of your website pages. We also use the latest Google page speed tool to ensure quick loading of the pages on your website. This not only ranks your SEO but ensures high traffic and ultimately enhances your business.

o Social media button: Social media marketing is a wonder if you properly and strategically manage it. In some point in time, you can never think of the growth of your online marketing without social media intervention. Our responsive website design and development takes care of your social media involvement while designing and developing your website and reserves special spaces and button for social media.

The bottom line of the entire discourse on responsive website design and development is not just your preference to go for our unique and unbeatable web design services. In fact, it goes beyond mere web hosting to enhance your business. In order to survive in the contemporary highly competitive market, you necessarily require adequate and advanced protective and promotional tools.

Do take note of the fact that Responsive website design and development is no more a new concept now. People who are acquainted with successful and ongoing digital business have long been accepting this. It is your turn now if you have not yet done with responsive web design.