Social Media Marketing is the type of marketing that will place your ads on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more. Almost every person in the world has social media. This means that connecting your site to these platforms will boost the chances of you gaining customers by promoting your products and services, it will help to boost Search Engine Optimization too. Out team at SMO Company Kolkata is highly trained in Social Media Optimization Company Asansol. We analyze and find the best ways to promote your online business on these platforms to get your customer base and sales to grow.

The Social Media Marketing Process:

1. Content:content is highly important. The content posted for your online business will determine the type of users you will attract. Our SMM Company Kolkata takes care of the analysis part in order to compose just the right posts to attract the correct users to visit your online business site. The content, Graphics Design, images and information of the posts will fit to your business’s vision and mission.

1. Hashtags:: : hashtags are a wonderful tool to guide users. With the use of hashtags, users will see posts related to the information they are searching for. The correct use of hashtags will lead users to come across your online posts, and engage them to click on your posts, thus creating more traffic to your online business social media profiles.

1. Shares:: By posting positive messages, attractive images, promotions, and catchy phrases, users will want to share your posts. This is free promotion! Users that have high volumes of friends, followers and associate profiles will share your content, making your post visible to thousands of more users.

  • Content
  • Hashtags
  • Shares
  • Engagement
  • Oraganic Reach



Expert Team

You are of primary importance to us. When it comes to your online business, our highly skilled and established team will prioritize your business site development and promotion.


We Build Powerful Website

We have the most updated skills and services to make your site an extraordinary success. Engage your customers with our superior Digital Marketer skills.


Optimized Coding

Have flash time response to clicks with our optimized coding. SMM Company Kolkata takes pride in making this a reality, no matter what smart device is used, your social media posts will be easily accessible.


Rich UI / UX

Give your users a light, yet stylish interface with ease of use and access that will please the eye and mind. Make your transactions gained from Social Media Marketing in Kolkata stress-free and comfortable for your customers.


Increase Sales

Your sales are guaranteed to climb with our Social Media Optimization skills. We make it easy for your company to get noticed and begin flowing with business transactions.


Drive Traffic to your store

Allow our SMM Company Kolkata to increase your traffic inflow exponentially with the combination of our digital services. Once all our services are in the mix, you are bound to get to success with your new or improved business site.


Gain Credibility

With a Professional Website Design that gets high numbers of hits and sales, your credibility will grow at a tremendous rate with our constant social media content posts.


Improve your Branding

Allow our SMM Company Kolkata to promote your brand logo. Our expert social media team is all about your branding and marketing, these are the keys to success for your brand.


We have experts that follow Social Media Trends. Our main goal is to get the most exposure for your online business. We will formulate the correct types of posts that will generate higher results in traffic and sales for your online business site.

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01 Content

Content for your Social Media Optimization must be original and exciting. In order to catch the attention to new customers, content must be short, concise, fresh and catchy.

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02 Hashtags

The correct use of hashtags will allow your online business to be discovered by users that may have never heard of it. By clicking on a hashtag that relates to what a user is looking for, and is also used on one of your posts, this user will see your post, and click on your profile. This will generate higher traffic and sales.

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When you post attractive messages, images and promotions, you are guaranteeing your friends, followers or new visitors to share your content, making it visible to all of their friends and followers. This is free promotion and potential new followers for your online business profiles.

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04 Engagement

Keeping your content relevant, exciting, and uplifting will generate engagement. When a user comments on any of your posts, this will also make it visible to their friends and followers. Any sort of engagement is free promotion that is a must to grow your social media presence.

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05 Organic Reach

Any free promotion gathers organic reach. With a simple, yet positive post, you could reach thousands of people from all over the world. Social media marketing in Asansol is a great tool to grow your organic reach without paying for ads.


Social Media optimization Asansol


SMM made a huge difference in getting our company on the map. By posting specials and images of our work and services, we have grown double the size in just a few months.

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We cater to companies that need fast technological solutions with their customers. By posting our services and review on various SM platforms, we have been getting more business then we ever had.

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Keeping out news ticker live made a huge difference in our audience growth. By going live on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube has brought us a huge audience and response to our profiles.




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