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Indeed, it all depends upon your website design! Just imagine; you are desperately trying to get into a website but it does not open. In spite of your repeated efforts, the required page on the website does not appear. After a long waiting, at last, the notification says that due to some errors the session has expired. How would you feel then? The same is the attitude of all customers and all online users. Can you ever be hopeful that your users should be tolerant enough? Why should they when your website design itself is faulty?.

On the contrary, often your customers are intolerant and always in a haste due to their urgency. If in case an online store does not serve their purpose they can never be expected to stand in a queue and wait for their turn. Eventually, they forsake and forget your site and immediately seek for other alternatives.

Here comes the urgency for you to choose a competent website development strategy and take the assistance of the right e-design firm. You can never stick on the traditional web design components in an era of SEO and B2B/B2C.You necessarily require a responsive web design solution and take the assistance of cariva Web Design Company in Asansol India to boost your user base.

Traditionally when people talked about website development often desktop computers and laptops were the targets. But in the process, trade and business crept into the world of internet and website became a universal platform for eCommerce, online store, online purchase, online sale, social media marketing, etc.

On the other hand, in the advent of eCommerce and online trade came various electronics equipment to compete with computers and laptops. The users started using smartphones, tablets, e-readers, etc. for their various purposes. These internet-enabled devices became much cheaper and handy in comparison to computers and laptops.

Therefore, everyone you see has a smartphone or a tablet to browse the web and access your online store. On the other hand, the website you hosted basically targeting the computers and laptops remained traditional and just accessible by computers and laptops.

Often your website is not accessible by smartphone because it has a traditional web design. You will have to find out and approach competent and best Web Design Company in Asansol and switch on to responsive web design so that your customers can access your website across all their electronic internet-enabled devices.

 What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design which the Cariva website design company in Kolkata talks about is a special tool or approach or an application through which web pages can be easily and effectively displayed across different devices, their different screen sizes, and across different windows. For example, if your website design is not a responsive design, your web pages may not be visible in a mobile phone or on a tablet.

The responsive web design applies CSS3 media queries, proportionate grids, fluid, and flexible images to ensure that the web page is accessible simultaneously by computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, e-reader pads, etc.

This application automatically adjusts your webpage across small and large screens, across different software and windows, and across any internet enabled devices. Indeed, you necessarily need to get responsive web design so that your website gets visible to all users across all devices.

We as a Cariva Technologies has years of experience in Digital marketing, software development, mobile app development, ecommerce website development, SEO friendly website, responsive websites Design, Graphics Design Service.

 The basic important components of responsive web design are as follows:

Media queries: Almost all browsers entertain CSS3 media queries. CSS3 media queries help the websites to get the data from users and apply CSS. In case of the downfall of the browser window below a specific width, the min-width media permits the designers to apply the required CSS styles. Thus the media query restricts the browser not to show specific features when the viewport is below 1100 px.

Fluid grids: Fluid grid is the component which ensures the resizing of elements to display across different sizes of the screens. These acts are opposite to fixed width which has the character of displaying the same in the traditional application or in the website designs and development where responsive design is not available.

Flexible images: The important and crucial component of responsive web design is resizing the images which automatically get fit into the size of the monitor as and when it is required. The web designers usually apply CSS max-width application where the images are loaded at their original size.

As the browser or screen becomes narrower the images shrink accordingly. Here the designer enables the browser to automatically resize the images through CSS. In the case of large images when they get resized the load time gets longer. The designer applies responsive image attributes to manage with the load time.

As the browser or screen becomes narrower the images shrink accordingly. Here the designer enables the browser to automatically resize the images through CSS. In the case of large images when they get resized the load time gets longer. The designer applies responsive image attributes to manage with the load time.

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Whatever your vision is, you can let us know and we will cater to your needs accordingly. Ranging from software development, we offer SEO, SMO services accordingly. A responsive web design can bring significant changes to your business and with us, you will be sure to get such changes and advancements. You can totally rely on us to give a huge jumpstart to your business.

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